Certification in Heart Failure | Joint Commission
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Friday 5:18 CST, April 20, 2018

Advanced Certification in Heart Failure

Quality Check

Certification Contact Directory

Patrick Phelan
Executive Director
(630) 792-5145

David Eickemeyer
Associate Director

Caroline Isbey
Associate Director

Zachary George
Associate Director

Francine Topps
Business Development Specialist

Loren Rohal
Associate Director


What does advanced certification in heart failure require?


Organizations must comply with Joint Commission standards for disease-specific care, (Manual available on the JCR Web site.) and the appendix for Advanced Certification in Heart Failure.

The heart failure program must include either a hospital-based and hospital-owned outpatient heart failure clinic, OR have a collaborative relationship with one or more attending cardiology practices.
Disease-specific Care standards cover the following categories:

  •  Program management
  •  Clinical information management
  •  Delivering or facilitating clinical care
  •  Supporting self-management
  •  Measuring and improving performance.


A commitment to continuous improvement is essential. Advanced Certification in Heart Failure requires that a program collect data on standardized performance measures and use this information for ongoing performance improvement efforts.

Criteria developed in collaboration with the American Heart Association.