Apply Now for Disease-Specific Care Certification | Joint Commission
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Monday 9:24 CST, March 19, 2018

Apply Now for Disease-Specific Care Certification


The certification process is initiated when an organization completes and submits the Application for Certification. This is a two-part electronic document for the initial Disease-Specific Care program seeking certification, which provides essential information about a program such as:

  • Organizational demographic information, including identification of the disease-specific care service(s) requested to be evaluated and preferred month of review,

  • A reference to the clinical practice guidelines used for each disease state selected for certification, and

  • Specifications including rationale, for four performance measures, including at least two clinically-focused measures.

By analyzing this information in advance of the on-site review, the reviewer(s) will begin to have a clear and comprehensive picture of your organization’s current strengths and growth opportunities. This advance analysis of the information will also make the on-site review time more efficient and focused.

The Application is accessed through a password and login ID.

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