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From overnight stays to outpatient services, in-home care to laboratories, patients and clients benefit from a provider's dedication to excellence across the continuum of care.
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An accreditation award verifies that a health care provider meets the most rigorous quality and safety standards of care for their patients.

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Whether you're preparing for an upcoming survey or implementing processes to maintain compliance, we have the resources you need to succeed.
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Achieving the Gold Seal of Approval shows your patients and community that your organization is committed to providing the highest quality care.

Explore Eligibility

Organizations seeking certification must meet all of the eligibility requirements for certification.

Learn the Process

Explore the process for achieving Joint Commission certification, from start to finish.

Certifications by Setting

Browse our selection of certifications to see which is right for your organization.


Verification is different from accreditation and certification; it does not require data submission on performance measures, or that the organization meets National Patient Safety Goals® or any specific accreditation standards. It does, however, assess capabilities and require a performance improvement plan. Verification helps to assure stakeholders that providers have the clinical capabilities and expertise to safely provide the service they offer.

Payor Relations

Health care organizations who have achieved Joint Commission accreditation and certification have gone above and beyond in their efforts to improve patient safety and quality of care. This can lead to better outcomes and reduced risk and liability for their organization. These are the providers you want to have in your network.

Learn more about how accreditation and certification programs can benefit payors like you, including how it may lead to reduced risk and cost.

State Recognition

We actively monitor state legislative and regulatory activities for the purpose of identifying additional opportunities for state reliance on Joint Commission accreditation/certification.

The Joint Commission’s various accreditation/certification programs are recognized and relied upon by many states as part of their quality oversight activities. Recognition and reliance refers to the acceptance of, requirement for, or other reference to the use of Joint Commission accreditation, in whole or in part, by one or more governmental agencies in exercising regulatory authority. Recognition and reliance may include use of accreditation for licensing, certification or contracting purposes by various state agencies.