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Prepublication Standards – Deletions and Clarifications to Core Disease-Specific Care Certification Requirements

As part of the ongoing review process for certification programs, The Joint Commission identified an opportunity to delete and/or clarify certain elements of performance in Standard DSPR.7 that are redundant to accreditation requirements. Learn More
Preventing Breaches in Disinfection

The July/August 2015 issue of Healthcare Executive features an article by The Joint Commission's Lisa Waldowski, APRN, discussing breaches in high-level disinfection and the role of senior leadership in stressing proper management of infection prevention, including disinfection and sterilization. Learn More

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Over the years, surveyors have provided us with a number of valuable tools that we could use to effectively assess risks and vulnerabilities, prioritize data collection for performance improvement, and improve many processes, including hand hygiene compliance, performing point-of-care waived testing, and effectively and efficiently conducting provider credentialing, to just name a few.
Mrs. Ahnna Parker - Director of Nursing Services and Infection Control
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

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