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Benefits of Choosing Us

We set the global standards — We shape best practices and establish the most rigorous standards to raise the bar on performance.

We have unmatched reach and insight — We work with tens of thousands of organizations, giving us powerful perspective into the delivery of health care around the world.

We’ll give you an intensive review — Joint Commission surveyors are among the most experienced in the business and come from a variety of health care industries. They are matched with your organization based on their background.

We’ll help you attract the best personnel — Joint Commission accreditation can attract qualified personnel, who prefer to serve in a Joint Commission-accredited organization.

We can accelerate progress through collaboration and communication — We’ll help you connect with like-minded organizations and facilitate knowledge sharing to increase awareness and inspire action on issues affecting the quality and safety of patient care.

We’ll push you beyond accreditation — Through our certification programs and affiliates, we provide practical tools and resources to support your continued improvement and to help you maintain performance excellence after accreditation.

Let Others Know You Stand for Quality Care

While there are certainly other accrediting bodies, choosing The Joint Commission means you can lean on our 70 years of experience — from our humble beginnings to the worldwide symbol of quality improvement we’ve grown to be.
Committing your organization to achieving accreditation or certification means committing to safer, high reliability health care. No matter where you are on your quality and safety journey, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Want to Learn More?

Get a sense of the accreditation process, what it looks like, and how it can benefit you, your patients, and your community.

Guide to Accreditation

Whether you're getting ready for your next survey or implementing processes to maintain compliance, we have the tools you need to succeed.

Go Beyond Accreditation

Earning your accreditation award doesn't have to be the final stop in your journey to operational excellence.