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The Joint Commission requires that an accredited and/or certified organization accurately describes the nature and meaning of its achievement. Any organization that materially misleads the public about any matter relating to its accreditation and/or certification may have to undertake appropriate corrective actions or risk loss of accreditation and/or certification: 

  • Accreditation and certification means the health care organization complied with rigorous standards and successfully corrected deficiencies identified at its most recent survey and/or review.
  • If your organization has sites or offers services that are not accredited or certified, any reference to accreditation or certification must clearly specify which sites/services are accredited and/or certified.
  • Your organization may not say that it is the "only" organization in a city, county, state, country, or any other geographic area to receive accreditation or certification.
  • Your organization is not permitted to publicize its accreditation or certification decision until the decision is posted to your secure extranet site. If you are unsure about the status of a decision, contact your account executive.