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National Recognitions

Payer Recognitions

Large national payers use Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation as a quality metric to allow network participation, contract eligibility or higher rates of reimbursement. See if your payer(s) recognize Joint Commission accreditation.

Joint Commission Accreditation Impacts Ranking in the "Newsweek" Top Nursing Homes List

The first accreditor to be recognized in 2023, The Joint Commission continues to be part of the scoring methodology used in Newsweek’s “America’s Best Nursing Homes” list.

State-Based Recognitions

Florida – Medicaid Reimbursement for Florida’s Prospective Payment System (PPS)

Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation is a recognized “Quality Credential” helping nursing homes boost their score effectively and efficiently towards greater reimbursement.

Georgia – Medicaid Quality Improvement Initiative Program

Georgia-based nursing homes that have achieved Joint Commission accreditation can earn the maximum, 2% quality incentive adjustment under the recently updated Quality Improvement Initiative Program.

Illinois - Network Participation

Certain payers require accreditation of nursing homes for network participation in Illinois.

Massachusetts - Network Participation

Certain payers require accreditation of nursing homes for network participation in Massachusetts.

Michigan - Accreditation Requirements for Neurological Rehabilitation Facilities

Joint Commission accreditation is required for Michigan-based neurological rehabilitation clinics providing post-acute brain and spinal rehabilitation care and seeking to bill for the treatment of patients entitled to no-fault personal protection insurance benefits.

Tennessee – Points for TennCare Quality Improvement in Long Term Services and Supports (QuILTSS) 

Nursing homes can earn 10 bonus points by achieving Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation, placing the facility into one of three quality tiers with escalating reimbursement.

Ohio – Quality Improvement Project for Ohio Department of Aging State Medicaid

The Ohio Department of Aging recognizes Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation for its quality initiative that requires licensed nursing homes to participate in a quality improvement project every two years.

State/Payer Outreach

Learn how we collaborate with states and third-party payers to recognize Joint Commission accreditation/certification for value-based performance initiatives.

Discounts on Insurance Premiums

One80 Intermediaries / Manchester Specialty Liability Insurance

Manchester Specialty offers insurance premium savings (where state regulators allow and based on each individual account) with scheduling credits on Workers’ Compensation insurance to Joint Commission accredited nursing homes.

Connect with Our Team

As we continue to identify additional opportunities for state and payer recognitions of Joint Commission accreditation/certification, please contact us if you have additional information or questions.