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Personalized Support

As an accredited organization, you have access to personalized support from The Joint Commission throughout your accreditation, such as:

  • An account executive to guide you through the accreditation process, support your post-survey activities, and assist you with updating your application
  • Joint Commission Connect® personalized extranet site to access tools and resources to sustain accreditation 
  • Access to our Standards Interpretation Group (SIG) for questions regarding standards

Intracycle Monitoring

The Intracycle Monitoring (ICM) process helps accredited organizations sustain peak performance throughout the three-year cycle of accreditation. On your Joint Commission Connect page, you’ll have access to an online tool called the ICM Profile. It provides resources to help you identify areas where your organization is at risk for non-compliance. It is a handy tool for tracking your compliance.

Joint Commission Resources

The Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®) website provides your organization with additional guidance to sustain accreditation, such as standards manuals and software, periodicals, publications, and educational events. 

As part of your accreditation, we’ll provide your organization with a subscription to our official online newsletter, Joint Commission Perspectives® published by Joint Commission Resources. Be sure to keep up-to-date with this publication as this is where we’ll let you know of any changes to standards or policies, usually with several months advance notice.

Standards Portals

Standards Portals are the newest way to gain education on important standards areas. Portals are web pages available online. They are a great place to aggregate information. Click below to see the behavioral health portals.