Publications/Resources - Environment of Car, Emergency Management and Life Safety.

What are some other resources and publications helpful with compliance?

Publications and other sources available to accredited organization that may be helpful with environment of care, emergency management and life safety compliance:
  • Joint Commission Resources publishes Environment of Care News (the official TJC environment of care, emergency management and life safety news source), The Joint Commission Perspectives (the official newsletter of TJC), and E-Alerts.
  • Accredited organizations may access the TJC Leading Practices Library on the intranet. 
  • Other publications for purchase are available through Joint Commission Resources.
  • Frequently Asked Questions for various standards can be found on the Joint Commission web site.
  • For additional detail concerning specific standards, see The Joint Commission Physical Environment Portal (JCPEP), which is a partnership with The American Society for Healthcare Engineering.
  • A helpful source for clarification of terms found in the standards chapters is the Glossary section of the organization's applicable accreditation manual.
Last updated on April 11, 2016
Manual: Laboratory
Chapter: Leadership LD

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