Restraint and Seclusion - Telemedicine

Is the use of a telemedicine link allowed for use by the LIP who conducts the in-person evaluations of an individual in restraint or seclusion?  

No. A telemedicine link does not fulfill the in-person requirement for the evaluation by an LIP of the individual in restraint or seclusion. The in-person evaluation must be in-person (face-to-face) and completed by a physician, clinical psychologist, or other licensed independent practitioner responsible for the care of the patient. A trained registered nurse or a physician assistant may conduct the in-person evaluation.  This evaluation must be completed within one hour of the initiation of restraint or seclusion used for the management of violent or self-destructive behavior that jeopardizes the physical safety of the patient, staff, or others.
Last updated on January 16, 2019
Manual: Hospital and Hospital Clinics
Chapter: Provision of Care Treatment and Services PC

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