Means of Egress - Locking Doors

What are the requirements with regards to locking doors within a required means of egress?

Per LS.02.01.20, (therefore NFPA 101-2012, 18/ doors within a required means of egress shall not be equipped with a latch or lock that requires the use of a tool or key from the egress side. The allowable exceptions are unique and have specific required features. Mixing and matching of these features is not compliant. Section 18/ permits other locking arrangements that includes:
  • Delayed-egress locks complying with shall be permitted.
  • Access-controlled egress doors complying with shall be permitted.
  • Door-locking arrangements without delayed egress shall be permitted in health care occupancies, or portions of health care occupancies, where the clinical needs of the patients require specialized security measures or where patients pose a security risk provided that staff can readily unlock such doors at all times, such as psychiatric units with risks of patient elopement. (See 18/
  • Door locking arrangement are permitted where the needs of the patients require additional protective features relative to safety, such as a NICU or OB unit. (See 18/
  • If permitted per 18/, doors located in the mean of egress may be locked. (See 18/
Last updated on March 13, 2018
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Life Safety LS

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