Statement of Conditions - Basic Building Information - Adding a Site/Building

How do organizations add sites or buildings to existing Statement of Conditions?

Any examples are for illustrative purposes only. 

Once a new site (address) has been added to your Joint Commission E-App (General Application), within a few days the new site will automatically appear in your electronic Statement of Conditions, on the Sites and Building page. 

Once the site appears, or if the new building is at an existing site, building information can be created by selecting Manage SOC. 

If the site is not downloaded to your eSOC within four days, please contact your Account Executive.

Instructions for completing the Statement of Conditions (SOC) and Basic Building Information (BBI) may be found at this link 

Reference LS.01.01.01 EP 7 
Last updated on March 26, 2021
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Life Safety LS

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