Emergency Generator Monthly Test - 30% Threshold

When are annual emergency generator load tests required?

Any generator that serves the loads described in EC.02.05.03 are to be tested monthly with building (dynamic) load for at least 30 continuous minutes. When using building load, if the test cannot achieve at least 30% of the generator’s rated capacity or the minimum exhaust gas temperature during all monthly tests, they are required to perform an annual test with a artificial load per the test procedure. The annual test is not a full load test… it’s a stepped test at 50% for 30 minutes and 75% for one hour. The annual test requirement only applies to diesel generators that cannot remain above the 30% threshold during the monthly tests. The annual test is not applicable to natural gas or propane generators, but the monthly test still is applicable. It is important to note that the stepped load test will be required as long a NFPA 110-2010 is used.
Last updated on February 21, 2018
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Environment of Care EC

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