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Certification Measure Information Process (CMIP) - Definition

What is Certification Measure Information Process (CMIP)?

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The electronic submission process, known as CMIP, stands for Certification Measure Information Process and is available through the HCSS firm’s secure extranet site.   

In the field of health care, almost any process, patient or customer encounter can generate data. The challenge for HCSS firms is to know which data to collect to generate the most useful reports for analysis. When HCSS firms collect and analyze data over time, they can use their data to predict future trends, which will allow them to adapt to an ever-changing business environment.  

In order to transform data into performance improvement, The Joint Commission developed standardized performance measures to assist accredited healthcare staffing firms in identifying the most useful data. 

Standardized set of measures: 

  • HCSS -1 Do Not Return Clinical 
  • HCSS- 2 Do Not Return Professional    
  • HCSS- 3 Completeness of Personnel File 

(These include all active direct clinical care providers)

Refer to the PM Implementation Guide located on your Extranet site for additional information.     

Last updated on June 16, 2020
Manual: Health Care Staffing Services
Chapter: Performance Measurement and Improvement HSPM

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