Design Criteria - Clinical Sink in a Medical Surgical Unit

What is the requirement for design criteria on clinical sinks in medical/surgical units?

Standard EC.02.06.05 states that The Joint Commission uses the requirements of the 2014 edition of the FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities. For a hospital medical/surgical unit, clinical sink requirements are not dictated by how many are installed on a floor. Per 2.1-2.6.10, soiled workrooms shall contain a flushing rim clinical service sink with a bedpan rinsing device. For soiled holding rooms, omission of the flushing-rim clinical sink is permitted in rooms used only for temporary holding of soiled material. If a flushing-rim clinical service sink is not provided in the soiled holding room, such a sink or an acceptable alternative (e.g., a water closet with bedpan-rinsing device located in a patient toilet room) shall be provided elsewhere on the nursing unit for the cleaning of bedpans.
Last updated on February 15, 2018
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Environment of Care EC

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