Security - Pediatric Abduction

Are Infant/Child Abduction drills required?

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The Joint Commission standards do not require infant/child abduction drills.  The standards do require that the organization identifies and implements security procedures that address handling of an infant or pediatric abduction, as applicable (see EC.02.01.01 EP 9).  An exercise is one method to evaluate the effectiveness of the procedures regarding this issue.  It is up to the organization to determine the appropriate actions to ensure successful implementation of the security procedures and that staff are knowledgeable of those procedures.  

Conduct a risk assessment through a multi-disciplinary group that includes, for instance, OB, NICU, Pediatrics and other staff, such as the Safety Officer, Security Officer, Emergency Room staff, foster care personnel, direct child care staff, and the Risk Manager with each providing input in their area of expertise to address actual and potential risks. 

Reference EC.02.01.01 EP 9 
Last updated on July 01, 2020
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Environment of Care EC

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