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Life Safety Code Floor Plans - Business Occupancies

Are Life Safety Code floor plans required for business occupancies?

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LS.01.01.01 EP3 requires a hospital/organization to maintain "current and accurate drawings denoting features of fire safety and related square footage."

Where the entire building is considered business occupancy by the definition of NFPA 101 (2012 edition) Life Safety Code, life safety drawings are not required .  For mixed occupancy buildings where portions of the building are business occupancy, and other portions are either health care occupancy or ambulatory health care occupancy, life safety drawings are required for the whole building, including the sections that are business occupancy. 

For hospitals and ambulatory health care facilities, LS.01.01.01 EP 7 requires that "the hospital/organization maintains current Basic Building Information (BBI) within the Statement of Conditions (SOC)."  Organizations that have free-standing business occupancy buildings shall list them in the SOC under "Sites and Buildings." 

Reference LS.01.01.01 EP3, EP7
Manual: Behavioral Health
Chapter: Life Safety LS
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