Control Labeling - Emergency Shutdown

What is the requirement for mapping utility systems and identifying controls for utility system shutdown?

Utility systems maps (or drawings) are important tools to be used when trouble-shooting a system problem and to isolate portions of the system when needed. They can be construction as-built drawings, but many facilities have been altered in phases over several years, therefore the mapping requirements also include how the various generations of these systems interconnect. Maps can be schematics, diagrams, tables, or other effective means that identify the location/space where a control device or equipment resides. System equipment is to be identified; for example, chillers, boilers, bulk oxygen tanks, emergency generators, water softeners, etc. When mapping a utility system, source valves/controls, code required valves/controls and assessed critical valves/controls are to be identified in accordance with their actual labeling in the field. When determining the criticality of valves/controls for a system, a rule-of-thumb would be whether significant harm can be done if a delay in securing would be caused by the need to reference a drawing, a valve labeling cross-reference list, etc.
Last updated on February 21, 2018
Manual: Behavioral Health
Chapter: Environment of Care EC

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