Refrigerator/Freezer - Medication Temperature Logs

Are we required to maintain temperature logs for medication storage refrigerators and freezers?    

The Joint Commission does not specifically require temperature logs for refrigerators and freezers used for medication storage. Standard MM.03.01.01, EP2 requires that medications are stored according to manufacturer's recommendations. Additionally, EC.01.01.01 requires that organization describes its processes to maintain and monitor equipment performance.

If your organization chooses to use temperature monitoring to achieve this, the process must be effective to ensure appropriate temperatures are being maintained within the required ranges for all medications stored.  Organization should also have a defined process outlining disposition of medication from a refrigerator or freezer which has deviated from the recommended temperature range.

The frequency of temperature monitoring (daily, continuous, etc.) is determined by the organization and in a manner consistent with the medication manufacturer's safe storage guidelines.

 For temperature log retention requirements, see the FAQ titled "Records and Documentation - Retention" under the Leadership.
Last updated on August 09, 2016
Manual: Ambulatory
Chapter: Medication Management MM

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