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Revised Infection Control Chapter for ALC NCC and OME

Effective January 1, 2025, a fully revised “Infection Prevention and Control” (IC) chapter has been approved for all Joint Commission–accredited assisted living communities, nursing care centers, and home care organizations. The requirements in the revised chapter will replace the current IC requirements. This project is a continuation of the IC chapter rewrite that began with critical access hospitals and hospitals.

In keeping with the ongoing initiative to simplify standards content and structure, The Joint Commission eliminated requirements that do not add value to accreditation surveys so that organizations can focus on the structures that support IC quality and safety. In addition, elements of performance (EPs) related to waste management and responding to an increased number of potentially infectious patients also were removed from the IC chapter because they were redundant to existing Environment of Care (EC) and Emergency Management (EM) requirements.

Prepublication Standards:

Prepublication Standards - Effective January 1, 2025