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Project Details

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Request for Proposal (RFP) focused on accelerating the development and adoption of evidence-based approaches that have the capacity to prevent or contain antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and support and promote appropriate use of antimicrobial agents. The goal of this funding is to drive efforts to improve patient outcomes and slow AMR. The collaborators recognize the healthcare quality and patient safety issues associated with the overuse of selected procedures, treatments and medications, including (but not limited to), the use of antibiotics for viral illnesses. (View full RFP released 12/6/12)

The RFP was jointly developed and disseminated through Pfizer IGLC and The Joint Commission mechanisms, websites, press releases, list servs, etc. A review process was developed and an Expert Review Panel (ERP) was assembled-which included four topic experts and two physician representatives from Pfizer IGLC and The Joint Commission.

The review process was divided into two stages – Stage 1 consisted of review of 133 Letters of Intent (LOI), and Stage 2 involved the submission of 12 full proposals and the selection of 3 proposals for full funding.  The following two year projects were selected:

  • Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics: Implementation of Antimicrobial Stewardship Interventions in Children’s Hospitals using Benchmarking

  • Intermountain Healthcare: Optimizing Antibiotic Stewardship in Community Hospitals

  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: What is the Optimal Antimicrobial Stewardship Strategy: Pre-Prescription Authorization or Post-Prescription Review and Feedback?

The projects kicked off in September 2013. The Joint Commission is currently administering the grants and providing oversight to the projects. The final results and outcomes from the three projects will reside in the public domain and be used and disseminated by sponsoring organization, Pfizer IGLC, The Joint Commission and other as appropriate.

For questions regarding The Joint Commission, Pfizer IGLC and Bristol-Myers Squibb IME collaboration and/or projects, please contact/email .