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Understanding the Application Process

The application for hospital accreditation is an important step in your journey. We use it to collect essential information about your organization, including ownership, management, types, and volume of patient services provided. This data helps us determine the number of days required for your on-site survey, the composition of the survey team and the services we’ll need to review.

Our application process can be completed in the following simple steps:

  1. Request an application.
  2. After your request is processed, you will receive an email providing log-in information.
  3. Your login credentials will give you access to your own page through Joint Commission Connect where you can review and complete the application in stages. There is no need to complete the application in one sitting; you can save it in sections as you go. Also, your application is valid for one year from the date requested, giving you time to prepare for your on-site survey.
  4. Submit your completed application. Don’t forget that you will need to identify a date when you will be ready to demonstrate compliance with all eligibility and accreditation requirements.
  5. Submit your deposit electronically to ensure prompt scheduling of your on-site survey. Have questions about the application? We’re here to help.