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Why The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission has been driving health care quality improvements since 1951 — and the results speak for themselves. The nearly 21,000 health care organizations that have earned Joint Commission accreditation or certification are associated with higher quality care and patient outcomes.


Thinking about applying for Joint Commission critical access hospital accreditation? We’re here to help.


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Our Standards

Curious to see how your organization measures up to Joint Commission critical access hospital performance standards? Request a trial version of the critical access hospital standards.

Accreditation Options

The Joint Commission offers different accreditation and certification programs. Whether you’re seeking the appropriate accreditation option for your critical access hospital or looking for a certification that meet your organization’s needs, we can help.

Apply for Accreditation

You’ve confirmed your eligibility, reviewed the performance standards and assessed your readiness for an on-site survey. Now commit to a culture of quality and safety by applying for critical access hospital accreditation.