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Competency Assessment - Performance Evaluation

Are competency assessments and performance evaluations the same or two different requirements?

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Although competency assessments and performance evaluations are two different requirements, they are interrelated.  The competency assessment looks at whether the clinical staff has the skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform the assigned job duties.  Competency must be assessed by staff who understands the skills and knowledge required by the job responsibilities.  Beyond the documented initial  assessment to be finalized upon the completion of the staff’s orientation, competency should be assessed on an on-going basis with documentation of such at least once every two years.

The performance evaluation looks at how well the clinical staff performs the assigned job responsibilities.  This may also include any employee related functions such as communication and cooperation with the staffing office.  A documented evaluation should be completed at least once every two years or more frequently as defined by organizational policy.

Last updated on June 16, 2020
Manual: Health Care Staffing Services
Chapter: Human Resources Management HSHR

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