Privileges/Affiliation/Work History - Verification at other Healthcare Organizations

Are organizations required to verify a physician's or dentist's affiliations at other health care organizations, and if yes, for how many years back must the verifications be done?

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There is no standard requirement to verify hospital/other healthcare organization affiliations, clinical responsibilities, or work history for any applicant. Standard HRM.01.02.01 EP 6 does require the following information to make decision about hiring and assigning staff duties and responsibilities:
  • Verified licensure, certification, or registration required by law or regulation and organization policy
  • Verified education and experience Results of criminal background check(s), in accordance with law and regulation and organization policy
  • Outcomes of applicable health screenings and staff member's health statement, in accordance with law and regulation and organization policy
  • Any challenges to licensure or registration
  • Voluntary or involuntary limitation of license or registration
  • Voluntary or involuntary limitation, reduction, or loss of clinical responsibilities
  • Professional liability actions that resulted in a final judgment against the staff member
Last updated on June 15, 2020
Manual: Behavioral Health
Chapter: Human Resources Management HRM

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