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The Emergency Management (EM) portal provides valuable sources of information from The Joint Commission enterprise as well as other organizations related to the topics of emergency management, preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.

EM Webinars

These webinars provide information about the new and revised Emergency Management chapter standards and elements of performance (EPs) and provide recommendations for implementing the new and revised standards/EPs. These webinars are specifically for Joint Commission Accredited Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals.

Two EM Chapters

As of July 1, 2022, there will be two distinct emergency management chapters. For hospitals (HAP) and critical access hospitals (CAH) those programs will follow the new EM chapter standards/EPS and new EM chapter outline that begin with EM.09.01.01- EM.17.01.01. For non-hospital programs (all other program manuals) will continue to follow the current EM standards EM.01.01.01-EM.04.01.01.

A reference guide for hospitals has been developed to assist in cross-referencing the new and revised EM chapter standards to the current standards.

EM Standards

The emergency management chapter standards and elements of performance are intended to help organizations prepare for “all-hazard” emergencies. The concept of emergency preparedness is defined as “a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective active in an effort to ensure effective coordination during incident response” (National Incident Management System). The development of emergency management chapter standards follows the four phases of EM:

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Mitigation


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Standard FAQs

The link below provides access to many emergency management FAQs and are specific to the accreditation program needed.