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Advisory Groups Fact Sheet

The Joint Commission relies on a number of advisory groups for feedback on a variety of issues, including safety and quality of care, the development of standards, and policies and procedures that support performance improvement in health care organizations. The Joint Commission also uses task forces and expert panels on an ad hoc basis.

Health Systems Corporate Liaisons: Provides advice on issues related to the accreditation process. Most members are clinicians representing approximately 80 health care systems, representing more than 70% of the hospitals and other programs nationwide. Contact:

Patient and Family Advisory Council: Contact:

Patient Safety Advisory Group

Performance Measurement Technical Advisory Panels: Oversee and guide the identification, specification, testing and maintenance of standardized performance measures. Members may include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, purchasers, consumers and performance measurement experts. Contact:

Program-specific advisory groups

Each Joint Commission program has an Advisory Council, whose members represent accredited organizations,  certified programs, and key stakeholder groups. The advisory groups may provide advice for the accreditation or certification program on:

  • Meaningful improvements to patient safety and quality.
  • Present and evolving issues in the field.
  • The impact of Joint Commission activities on the patient care experience.
  • The impact of potential changes in Joint Commission standards, policies, products, and services on the quality of care.
  • Relevancy of new products and services to the accreditation or certification environment.
  • Strategic direction of the program.

Ambulatory Care Accreditation — Contact:

Behavioral Health Care & Human Services Accreditation — Contact:

Disease-Specific Care Certification — Contact:

Health Care Staffing Certification — Contact:

Home Care Accreditation — Contact:

Hospital Accreditation — Contact:

Laboratory Accreditation — Contact:

Nursing Care Center & Assisted Living Community Services Accreditation — Contact:

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