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Saturday 4:39 CST, March 24, 2018

Emergency Management Resources


Protect Your Networks from Ransomware

Health care organizations of all types and sizes may be impacted by cyber emergencies. In light of the recent international ransomware attack, the HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response and the FBI have issued two key documents to help organizations address these risks. HHS #2 International Cyber Threat to Healthcare Organizations, and FBI Flash – Indicators Associated with WannaCry Ransomware, provide guidance to health care organizations regarding:
  • Identifying and reporting indicators associated with the ransomware attack
  • Technical details describing the manner of the attack
  • Recommended steps for prevention and remediation of ransomware attacks, including a detailed guidance document entitled How to Protect your Networks from Ransomware.

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Going Live: Utilizing NIMS to Transfer Electric Power to New Construction in an Intensive and Acute Care Setting



JPS Health Network used NIMS to guide a multidisciplinary team of facilities managers, designers,  electrical contractors and others in concert with clinical units and administrative teams to safely transfer four branches of power, sequenced over the course of several nights while maintaining daily clinical operations. Learn More


Hospital Disaster Preparedness Budget Model

Tuesday January 5, 2016


The CDC offers healthcare executives a disaster budget tool to help them prepare their finances to withstand a large-scale public health emergency. The tool helps executives calculate the amount of cash reserves needed for maintaining operations in their facilities while awaiting reimbursement from insurance companies or government agencies. Learn More


TRACIE - Technical Resources Assistance Center & Information Exchange

Monday July 6, 2015


ASPR TRACIE is a resource and networking portal that provides timely and innovative disaster information, tools and practice guidance for hospitals and community-based providers across the health care coalition. Learn More


A River Runs Through It: 3 Lessons from the West Virginia Water Emergency

A River Runs Through It: 3 Lessons from the West Virginia Water Emergency

Last month, Joint Commission staff had the privilege of meeting with seven West Virginia hospitals to discuss how they handled the week-long water emergency resulting from the chemical spill in the Elk River - the primary water source for not only Charleston but the surrounding eight-county area. Learn More

Welcome to The Joint Commission’s Emergency Management portal.  We are launching this portal to provide a valuable source of information from The Joint Commission enterprise and other healthcare organizations related to the topic of Emergency Management.  Our goal is to create informed and empowered citizens by bringing relevant and timely information and resources to our community.  We hope you find the information helpful!

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  • John Maurer, ASHE, CHFM, CHSP, a member of The Joint Commission’s Department of Engineering, speaks on Emergency Management topics at the Ambulatory Care Conference.  Read blog.  


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