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Behavioral Health Care

The Joint Commission has been active in behavioral health care accreditation since 1969 when it began accrediting organizations providing services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In 1972, The Joint Commission began evaluating and accrediting organizations providing mental health and chemical dependency services. Today, The Joint Commission accredits more than 1,900 behavioral health care organizations inlucding:
  • For organizations involved in providing mental health care, treatment, or services; including mental health centers, addictions treatment services, opioid treatment programs, child welfare services, foster care, eating disorders treatment, and services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • For providers of behavioral health care including Community mental health centers, Addictions treatment and/or services supporting recovery and resilience, Opioid dependency programs, Crisis stabilization, Day programs (intensive outpatient services, day treatment programs, adult day care, partial hospitalization programs), Eating Disorders programs, Family preservation/wraparound services, Forensic programs or services, Foster care, In-home mental health services, Outdoor/wilderness behavioral health programs, Outpatient behavioral health care programs, Residential programs, Group homes, Therapeutic schools, Transitional living/supervised or supportive care services, Vocational rehabilitation, etc.
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Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Contact Directory

Tracy Griffin Collander, LCSW
Executive Director

Peggy Lavin, LCSW
Senior Associate Director

Megan Marx, MPA
Associate Director

Peter Vance
Field Director

Emily Wells
Manager, Accreditation and Certification Operations

Helen Bracey
Senior Account Executive

Stephanie Kaufman
Senior Account Executive

Laura O'Keefe
Senior Account Executive

Brett Cullen
Account Executive

Allison Kikilas
Account Executive

Darrell Anderson
Senior Specialist Business Development

Diana Murray
Regional Manager Florida & Georgia

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