Laboratory Reports - Testing Facility Name and Address

For the purpose of printing the name and address on a laboratory report, what is considered the testing facility?

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The name and address of the laboratory where the test is performed and a final result is generated must appear on the report. When a pathologist travels to multiple locations or reference laboratory computers are interfaced, this requirement may be overlooked. Below are some common scenarios to consider:
  • A 'traveling" pathologist keeps offices at more than one laboratory. If cytology or histopathology slides are taken from one office to another, the name and address of the laboratory where the final interpretation is rendered must appear on the report. This applies even if that location is different from the specimen's originating laboratory.
  • Laboratory A contracts with a pathologist from Laboratory B to perform frozen sections. While Laboratory B may issue the report, Laboratory A's name and address must be on the report as the testing facility. In addition, Laboratory A would be required to have a CLIA certificate for the histopathology specialty.
  • A reference laboratory's computer is interfaced with the referring laboratory's computer and test results are downloaded directly into the referring laboratory's information system. While reports may be issued from the referring laboratory's information system, the requirement to clearly identify the name and address of the reference laboratory on each of their results still applies. In any of the above cases, the report may be printed on either the testing or the reporting facility's letterhead. If the latter, there must be clear notation on the report indicating the name and address of the testing laboratory, such as an appended comment or footnote.
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Manual: Laboratory
Chapter: Document and Process Control DC

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