Equipment - Electrical Set up

When setting up electrical equipment in the patient's home, must the organization perform volt and ampere checks on outlets and ensure that the outlet is grounded?  

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The organization must ensure that equipment with specific electrical needs is appropriately set up in the patients’ home. It would be up to the organization to determine how this will be done. The Joint Commission does not require organizations to perform voltage or amperage checks. That would be the organization's decision. If the organization determines that the utility system in the home is inadequate or cannot be adapted such as adding a grounded 3 prong adapter, the organization should consult with the physician about further orders.
The determination considers the electrical and environmental requirements of the equipment that need to be met and is intended to bring to light any concerns about the equipment’s safe use in the patient’s home.
Last updated on May 21, 2020
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Equipment Management EQ

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