Home Infusion Pumps - Volumetric Check

In home care, is a volumetric check for infusion pumps required between patient use, i.e., when the pump has peen picked up from one patient before it is delivered to another patient?  

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In the home care setting, the infusion pump is out of the control of the organization while it is in the patient's home and could be subject to damage that could affect its operation. The damage may not be known to the organization. As such, before the pump can be reissued to a new patient after it has been picked up from a patient's home, the organization needs perform basic safety and operational checks, along with any  routine and preventive maintenance according to manufacturers' guidelines that may include volumetric checks in addition to inspecting the pump for such things as cord condition, alarm function, lights, casing condition, etc.
If the manufacturer does not have guidelines for routine and/or preventive maintenance, the organization establishes such guidelines. For example, the organization may choose to have discussions with the manufacturer, observe its own failure rates for the equipment, examine maintenance schedules of like products, or use any other method that is effective.
Last updated on May 21, 2020
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Equipment Management EQ

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