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What are the requirements for ID badges?

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The Joint Commission standard EC.02.01.01 requires that the organization identifies individuals entering its facilities. The organization is expected to determine who requires identification and how the process is implemented. There is also a requirement to control access to and from areas identified as security sensitive. The organization is held accountable for their policy on ID badges. 

If the policy requires all staff and independent practitioners to wear ID badges, then all staff (including Physicians) would need to comply. Photo IDs, name on badges (first, last, both, one or the other, etc.) may be necessary as some states have specific standards.  

There is no specific Joint Commission requirement for photo identification, nor is there required badge information. Check with the local or state Authority Having Jurisdiction for additional guidance.  Surveyors will survey based on the organizations policy. 

Reference EC.02.01.01 
Last updated on March 19, 2021
Manual: Home Care
Chapter: Environment of Care EC

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