Operating Rooms / Suites - Equipment Availability

Please clarify what is meant by ‘operating room suites’ and the equipment requirements found at PC.02.01.11 EP 5..

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The terms ‘room’ and ‘suite’ are sometimes used interchangeably. Therefore, compliance will be evaluated based on the availability of the following equipment to areas in which operative procedures are performed. When evaluating equipment inventory requirements and location, organizations are encouraged to consider the procedures performed, population served, physical layout, resources available to retrieve equipment, hours of operation (scheduled and emergencies), etc. 

At a minimum, operating room suites have the following equipment available:
• Call-in system:  A process to summon or communicate with staff outside of the operating room when needed
• Cardiac monitor
• Resuscitator: A hand-held or mechanical device that provides positive airway pressure
• Defibrillator
• Aspirator: A hand-held or mechanical device used to suction out fluids or secretions
• Tracheotomy set: Disposable or non-disposable as determined by the organization

The requirement applies to Hospitals that use accreditation for deemed purposes and Rehabilitation and Psychiatric Distinct Part Units (DPU) in Critical Access Hospitals. 

Last updated on March 04, 2021
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Provision of Care Treatment and Services PC

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