Plans - Security Management Risk Assessment

What are the requirements for developing a security program/security management plan?

In accordance with standard EC.01.01.01, the organization is required to develop a security management plan specific to their particular circumstances based upon assessment of risk as described in EC.02.01.01. Applicable staff, the type of training, their level of training, required credentials, etc. are considerations. For example, a forensic behavioral health environment would likely have different criteria than a geriatric health environment. Based upon their duties, staff may be assessed to require physical restraint training, self-defense training, situation de-escalation training, etc. Once the required skill-set and type/level of training is established, the organization is to create applicable policies, implement the security program, assess for effectiveness, and adjust the strategy if needed. Any requirements of another controlling authority, like a state entity, must be followed. The survey process will evaluate the assessment process and, through tracer activities, validate implementation in accordance with the established policy. The survey process may also include interview of patients, and their input is considered when the security program is evaluated. (Note: See standard PC.03.05.17 for restraint and seclusion training.) [EC.01.01.01]
Last updated on April 11, 2016
Manual: Critical Access Hospital
Chapter: Environment of Care EC

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