Refrigerator Storage - Reagents, Medications, Specimens

Can laboratory reagents be stored in a refrigerator that also contains medications or laboratory specimens?  

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Yes. Laboratory reagents may be stored in the same refrigerator as medications or laboratory specimens. In both cases, there should be distinctly marked and separated areas in the refrigerator to minimize any risk of contamination from spills. Sealed containers may be used as a further measure to prevent contamination. Preferably, medications should be stored on upper shelves and laboratory reagents on lower shelves. Conversely, laboratory reagents should be stored on upper shelves with laboratory specimens on lower shelves. Temperature monitoring and security requirements may be different for medications and laboratory reagents. The organization should follow the more stringent policy when these are stored together.
Last updated on March 18, 2020
Manual: Behavioral Health
Chapter: Waived Testing WT

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