Antimicrobial stewardship - applicable programs

Do all ambulatory organizations need to address antimicrobial stewardship?

The inappropriate use of antimicrobial medications contributes to antibiotic resistance and adverse drug events, and improving antimicrobial prescribing practices is a patient safety priority. As a result, The Joint Commission implemented an antimicrobial stewardship standard (MM.09.01.03) for the Ambulatory Health Care (AHC) accreditation program on January 1, 2020. 

Joint Commission-accredited ambulatory health care organizations that routinely prescribe antimicrobial medications are required to address antimicrobial stewardship.  These include organizations providing medical or dental services, episodic care, occupational/worksite health, urgent/immediate care, or convenient care.  The requirements are not applicable to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) or the office-based surgery (OBS) program. 
Last updated on May 09, 2020
Manual: Ambulatory
Chapter: Medication Management MM

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