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Combustible Postings - Managing Volume

What is the requirement for managing the volume of combustible postings?

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The Joint Commission references NFPA 101-2012 to limit the volume of combustible decorations in a health care environment: 
  • Health Care Occupancies 18/
  • Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies 20/
This applies to the posting of combustible decorations such as photographs, paintings, and other art that are applied to walls, ceilings, and non-fire rated doors.   The limit in the applicable code section is determined based on the percentage of a wall area that is covered, whether the facility is protected throughout by an automatic sprinkler system, and what the occupant load of the room is.  Additionally, the decorations must not interfere with the operation of or obscure a door. 

Reference LS.02.01.70 EP5 | LS.03.01.70 EP5
Manual: Ambulatory
Chapter: Life Safety LS
First published date: April 11, 2016 This Standards FAQ was first published on this date.
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