Plans - Emergency Management Event Recovery/Continuity

Is there a required process for Emergency Management event recovery and continuity of operations?

The Joint Commission standard for an organization's recovery and continuity of operations is performance based. The organization will use its emergency operations plan to define its response to emergencies and to help position it for recovery after the emergency has passed. Various aspects of a recovery effort could take place during an event or after an event. Recovery strategies and actions are designed to help restore the systems that are critical to providing care, treatment, and services in the most expeditious manner possible. Emergency operations plans are to be designed to provide optimum flexibility to restore critical services as soon as possible to meet community needs. Recovery strategies are to maintain a focus on continuity of operations. For example; smooth transition from emergency to regular supply chains; effective decoupling of services shared with other entities during an event; use or return of stockpiled supplies; staff relief without affecting continuity of operations; creating the most seamless environment possible for patients and patient care. In order to evaluate effectiveness, the survey process will review the emergency operations plan, interview staff and review exercise evaluations. [EM.02.01.01]
Last updated on April 11, 2016
Manual: Ambulatory
Chapter: Emergency Management EM

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