Education - Staff Requirements for Comprehensive Stroke Certification

What are the staff education requirements for Comprehensive Stroke Program Certification?

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  • Core stroke team members, as defined by the organization, are required to have 8 hours of stroke education annually. 
  • ED nurses, as identified by the organization, are required to have 2 hours of education on cerebro-vascular disease annually.
  • Non-nursing ED staff, for example, Physician Assistants, EKG/Respiratory Care Technicians, Imaging/Laboratory staff, etc., as identified by the organization, are required to have 2 hours of education on cerebrovascular disease annually.
  • Nurses (other than ED) caring for comprehensive stroke patients as identified by the organization, are required to have 8 hrs. of stroke education annually. Examples may include, but not limited to: nurses providing stroke care in the stroke unit, ICU that contains the dedicated neuro-intensive care beds for  complex stroke patients, endovascular catheterization laboratory, patient care units, a rehabilitation unit, etc.

Applicable Standards
  • Delivering or Facilitating Clinical Care: DSDF.1 EP 7


Last updated on March 04, 2021
Manual: Advanced DSC - Comprehensive Stroke
Chapter: Delivering or Facilitating Clinical Care DSDF

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