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Sunday 8:53 CST, April 23, 2017

Nursing Care Centers


2017 Complimentary webinars

Wednesday February 15, 2017


Our Nursing Care Center 2017 Complimentary webinar schedule is now available. Make an informed choice about your Nursing Care Accreditation.
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Take 5 Podcast: JAMDA Study

Friday November 4, 2016


A new study published online suggests that Joint Commission Nursing Care Center Accreditation is a significant predictor of nursing home quality. Listen to the podcast.


More Stars, Better Outcomes

Access JAMDA Artice


According to a recent study published in JAMDA, Joint Commission-accredited and certified nursing care centers outperform their competition on these and other key metrics.  Access Article Now


New Joint Commission Accreditation Prep Modules

New Joint Commission Accreditation Prep Modules

New online learning tools for Nursing Care Centers make it easier to prepare for a successful accreditation experience or to address specific quality challenges. Learn More

Applying High Reliability Principles to Infection Prevention and Control in Long Term Care

Thursday July 17, 2014



Check out this free online Learning Module and Index of Resources.  If you work in a nursing home, assisted living facility or related health care setting take advantage of this unique opportunity to educate your team and improve care and safety.  View Infographic or Learn More


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