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Process Steps

Curious what your path to Laboratory Services Accreditation looks like? Here are some steps to guide you through the accreditation process with confidence.
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Make Sure All Important Documentation is Available

Make sure you have the appropriate CLIA numbers and any other licensures that your organization may need. If your organization is a new laboratory under CLIA, implement standards compliance for four months.
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Review the Requirements

Request free access to the E-dition®, which is a 90-day electronic trial edition of the standards for laboratory accreditation.
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Get a Pricing Estimate

Contact our business development team to get a pricing assessment for your organization.
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Assess Your Readiness

Perform a self-assessment of your organization’s readiness, identify opportunities for improvement and implement process changes or policies as needed. Use our prompts to assess your compliance.
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Apply for Accreditation

Request and submit your application. After paying the deposit, utilize complimentary standards access via E-dition and other resources to prepare for your upcoming survey.
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Prepare for Your On-Site Survey

Perform mock tracers among your staff to help ensure they are prepared for survey. Use the Tracer Methodology Toolkit for sample questions.
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Address Any Identified Gap Areas

Identify needed processes and required documents your team will need to have on hand during survey. Identify these documents by using the Document List in the Survey Activity Guide.
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Participate in Your Accreditation Survey

Ask questions of your surveyor to help your team focus on continuous quality improvement.
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Celebrate and Publicize Your Achievement

Use the publicity kit from The Joint Commission to share your accomplishment to your patients and community.
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Maintain Survey Readiness

Keep up to date with tools and resources from The Joint Commission, including your organization’s dedicated extranet site on Joint Commission Connect®.

Understand Your Survey

The Joint Commission’s accreditation survey helps organizations improve the safety and quality of care and services. The process begins with an on-site survey that assesses compliance with Joint Commission standards.

Joint Commission surveyors are specially trained professionals with experience in the laboratory industry who understand the day-to-day issues that confront providers and have the hands-on expertise to help organizations resolve them.

On-site surveys involve:

  • Tracing the patient’s experience, which involves observing services provided by various caregivers and programs within the organization, as well as hand-offs between them.
  • On-site observations and interviews.
  • Assessment of the physical facility.
  • Review of documents provided by the organization.

Your accreditation experience is supported by experts who will help you before, during and after your survey. Listen to a quick video by Joint Commission staff to learn the key takeaways in going through your first Joint Commission laboratory services survey.

Listen to First Timer's Roadmap for Laboratory Services Accreditation Watch the video on First Timer's Roadmap for Laboratory Services Accreditation

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Understand the Process

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