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Friday 11:00 CST, March 23, 2018

Speak Up: At the Doctors Office


Speak Up: At the doctor’s office

See the fourth in The Joint Commission's series of animated Speak Up™ videos, this one on going to the doctor's office. You'll meet Marge Popple, who learns why it's important to write down questions about her health, share a list of medications with the doctor, and fully understand everything that is explained during medical checkups.

Speak Up: Understanding Your Doctors and Other Caregivers

It can be difficult to understand what your doctors and other caregivers are telling you about your care and treatment. This brochure has questions and answers to help you understand caregivers.


Speak Up: Tips for Your Doctor’s Visit

Updated brochure provides tips to help patients during doctor visits.

Your visit to the doctor is your time to talk and learn about your health. Patients have a role in their health care, just like doctors, Nurses and other  caregivers.

Multimedia Campaign Materials

  • Videos (English/Spanish)
  • Brochure artwork (English/Spanish)

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