Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk™ (SAFER™) Matrix Resources | Joint Commission
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Thursday 10:42 CST, April 19, 2018

Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk™ (SAFER™) Matrix Resources

The Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk™ (SAFER™) is a transformative approach for identifying and communicating risk levels associated with deficiencies cited during surveys. The additional information related to risk provided by the SAFER™ Matrix helps organizations prioritize and focus corrective actions.



This portal highlights the many resources available to Joint Commission accredited and certified organizations to assist with the transition to the new SAFER™ Matrix process. Effective January 1, 2017 and applicable to all accreditation and certification programs, the SAFER Matrix provides one, comprehensive visual representation of survey findings in which all Requirements for Improvement (RFIs) are plotted on the SAFER Matrix according to the likelihood of the issue to cause harm to patients, staff or visitors, in addition to how widespread the problem is, based on the surveyor’s observations.

The SAFER Matrix replaces the previous scoring methodology, which is based on pre-determined categorizations of elements of performance (such as direct and indirect impact) – instead allowing surveyors to perform real-time, on-site evaluations of deficiencies. Placement of RFIs within the matrix will determine the level of detail required within each RFI’s Evidence of Standards Compliance follow-up.


Project REFRESH and SAFER™ Matrix Video