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Monday 7:30 CST, May 21, 2018

Speak Up Initiatives

Joint Commission Refreshes Award-winning Speak Up™ Program

The Joint Commission relaunched its award-winning Speak Up™ program in May 2018. The revamped Speak Up™ program is based on national market research conducted in 2017. A focus group of patients and their family caregivers was tapped to provide feedback on the program.

Since 2002, The Joint Commission has helped the public play an active role in their care by providing free, downloadable education materials through the Speak Up™ program. The Department of Corporate Communications is giving the program a makeover with a fresh look and updates to the material, beginning with the original Speak Up™ About Your Care campaign.

Beginning this year, all new Speak Up™ campaigns will be comprised of four components:

  • Infographic in three sizes: 8.5x11; 11x17; 24x36
  • Animated video.
  • Podcast featuring an expert on the topic.
  • Distribution guide on how and to whom organizations can distribute materials.

To stay up-to-date on the refreshed campaigns, individuals can subscribe to Joint Commission Online and follow The Joint Commission on social media.

The infographic, podcast, video and other resources are available for free download in one package..

The goal of Speak Up™ is to help patients and their advocates become active in their care.

Speak Up™ materials are intended for the public and have been put into a simplified (i.e., easy-to-read) format to reach a wider audience. They are not meant to be comprehensive statements of standards interpretation or other accreditation requirements, nor are they intended to represent evidence-based clinical practices or clinical practice guidelines. Thus, care should be exercised in using the content of Speak Up™ materials. Speak Up™ materials are available to all health care organizations; their use does not indicate that an organization is accredited by The Joint Commission.

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