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Study of Clinician Well-Being Assessment and Interventions

Joint Commission researchers, in collaboration with experts associated with the AMA, undertook a study to measure the current state of organizational efforts to assess and address clinician well-being in a national sample of 1,982 Joint Commission–accredited hospitals and 256 accredited federally-qualified health centers. Outcomes of interest included the proportion of organizations that assessed the prevalence of clinician burnout, established a chief wellness officer position, established a wellness committee, made clinician well-being an organizational performance metric, and implemented other activities/interventions that target clinician burnout.

The Joint Commission Statement on Health Care Worker Mental Health

In May of 2020, The Joint Commission released the following statement relating to health care workforce access to mental health treatment:

"The COVID-19 pandemic is placing unprecedented strains on the health care workforce. As a result, many health care workers feel that it would be helpful to talk to a mental health professional. However, clinicians have concerns that seeing a mental health professional could adversely affect their career if they are asked about a previous history of mental health issues during the credentialing or licensing process. The Joint Commission does not require organizations to ask about a clinician’s history of mental health conditions or treatment. We strongly encourage organizations to not ask about past history of mental health conditions or treatment. As an alternative, we support the recommendations of the Federation of State Medical Boards and the American Medical Association to limit inquiries to conditions that currently impair the clinicians’ ability to perform their job. It is critical that we ensure health care workers can feel free to access mental health resources. The Joint Commission supports the removal of any barriers that inhibit clinicians and health care staff from accessing mental health care services, including eliminating policies that reinforce stigma and fear about the professional consequences of seeking mental health treatment."

Developing Resilience

This podcast, from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (December 2022), features Haytham Kaafarani, MD, MPH, FACS, Chief Patient Safety Officer and Medical Director of Patient Safety at The Joint Commission. The podcast discusses the second victim syndrome and the importance of peer support.

Listen to Podcast

This video was developed and recorded by a Joint Commission Physician-surveyor, Dr. Andrew J. McLean, MD, MPH. It discusses ways to develop resilience at both the individual, organizational, and community level to address burnout and moral injury.