Medication Compounding Certification | Joint Commission
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Thursday 5:41 CST, March 30, 2017

Medication Compounding Certification

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What is Medication Compounding Certification?

The Medication Compounding certification program assesses compliance with a specific set of standards that uniquely reflect the preparation and dispensing of sterile and/or unsterile products in accordance with USP <795> and <797>. 

How Organizations Benefit from Certification

  • Reduce risk and harm
  • Help ensure USP compliance
  • Discover and remedy hidden gaps
  • Engage staff in improvements
  • Access to Joint Commission’s leading practices library
  • Receive world’s most recognized “seal of approval


Compounding pharmacies that provide sterile and nonsterile compounding services are eligible to apply for certification. An earned certification is good for two years. Unlike other Joint Commission certification programs, you do not need to be a Joint Commission-accredited organization to gain this certification.

The initial rollout for this program is applicable only to pharmacies operating in or shipping to states with regulations requiring compliance with United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP®) General Chapter(s) <797> and/or <795> (demand and resource capacity will determine future rollouts to other states).