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Monday 7:24 CST, October 23, 2017

Discover the Comprehensive Cardiac Center (CCC) Certification

The Joint Commission’s new CCC certification touches every point in your continuum of care, so that you can provide world-class service that puts the patient first and can help elevate the performance of your entire organization.

Deliver Superior Quality of Care Across the Cardiac Continuum



CCC certification touches every point in your continuum of care, so that you can provide world-class patient-centric service.





Top reasons to pursue CCC certification

Here are just a few ways your organization—and your patients—can benefit from this innovative certification.

1. Reduce unwanted variations in care and improve the patient experience
2. Improve efficiency and outcomes at a potential lower cost
3. Align communication and collaboration among all disciplines
4. Position your service line to effectively face new challenges

CCC Infographic

Explore the standards

Get full access to Joint Commission standards for Comprehensive Cardiac Center Certification with complimentary access via E-dition.

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First Organization to Achieve Certification

"Congratulations to the University of Kansas Health System for being the first hospital in the country to achieve Joint Commission Comprehensive Cardiac Center Certification, their leadership in pursuing this certification is a testament to their desire to reduce unwanted variations in how cardiac care is provided to their patients across the spectrum from the emergency department through follow-up outpatient care."

Patrick Phelan, Executive Director
Hospital Business Development
The Joint Commission


2017 CCC Cert Gold Seal
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