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Saturday 2:16 CST, August 29, 2015

Speak Up Initiatives


Our award-winning patient safety program

Launched in 2002 with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Joint Commission’s Speak Up™ program urges patients to take an active role in preventing health care errors by becoming involved and informed participants on their health care team. The Speak Up program features infographics, brochures, posters, animated videos and podcasts, which can be downloaded for free.

There are NO copyright or reprinting permissions required for the Speak Up materials or copy. All Speak Up infographics, brochures and videos are available in English and Spanish. The copy can be translated into other languages by using the text and artwork files provided on the website. Organizations can add their address or logo to the Speak Up print materials as long as The Joint Commission logo is not moved or changed. For information about reprints, copies and translations, and purchasing Speak Up materials, see Facts about Speak Up Initatives.