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The Verification Check Mark and Guidelines for Use

Verification checkmark JPG (4-color) and Verification checkmark (4 color PNG) - A JPG file can be used in both printed publications and web pages. The PNG file format is widely used on websites, PPT, InDesign, etc. to display high-quality digital images with a transparent background.

Verification checkmark EPS (one-color gray scale), Verification checkmark EPS vector (four color) and Verification checkmark ai vector (four color) - An EPS file is most often used by designers or printers for printed publications.

Verification checkmark EPS (black and white) and Verification checkmark JPG (black and white) - Best used for foil stamps, dye cuts and engravings.

Verification checkmark Transparent GIF - Low resolution image so do not use for print. Best used for Web sites on background colors.

The Joint Commission Verification checkmark is proprietary to The Joint Commission and may only be used by Joint Commission officially verified organizations.

Compliance with the following guidelines is required:

  • The elements of the checkmark must remain in the same proportional relationship as provided.
  • Do not change the format of the checkmark.
  • The Verification checkmark should only be used by a verified organization but can be used with the Gold Seal, for those organizations also accredited and/or certified with The Joint Commission.
  • Do not add graphic elements or devices to the checkmark, including other words or slogans.
  • If the checkmark is used to promote verification, it may only be used to reference sites that are officially verified.
    If an organization’s brochure or website lists five sites, but only certain sites are included in verification, the checkmark can only be used if it is clearly stated which sites are verified.